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Complete order list!Posting this for my own sake! If i forgot anyone who were within the time, let me know! This list is not final in how its set up! this is just me organizing on a whim xD I might change it up based on what I end up doing! but for now so I dont loose it I am posting it!
Again thanks all so much for the itneres! I will not be very strict with when things get paid and such since I havent even had time to invoice yet hehe xD so I will start asking for paypals soon but not today! :D
itsterriblyArtistic - Common Dinosaur, Yi
Kiffels - Celestial  Dragons breath fire opal and spell books
Kanraz - Celestial - Skull & Scythe
ARSONlST  - Common (Red eyed tree frog)
Leahlinn Item - Ocarina
TalonEX - Common, Whale Shark
MogoriSempai - Common, Sea Turtle ( Green Turtle )
ChibiTea - celestial(( sweet sintea and fox)) 20 MONEYBEANS
winquts - common (Sea Otter)
smaIIjesus - Common - Bee Fly
Moothic -  item (japanese drama cd) 20 MONEYBEANS
BB CUSTOMS CLOSEDNOW CLOSED THAnkl you >0< its gonna take me a bit to go through everything!! thank you all so much for the interest!

SLOTS CLOSES when this journal is 35 mins old! (added 5 extra mins since its on a different account! and it will take a min to post it in all the places :la: )
NOT FOLLOWING the steps under will make me skip you! I really do not want to be stressed incase this list gets long, so please be sure to read through everything!
This journal includes payment rules, custom prices and the form to fill out unless you havent done that yet!
IF you are indecisive you can just give me total artistic freedom, but you HAVE to let me know what kind of bagbean beanotype you are ordering!

STEP 2 - How ordering customs will work
- There is a 30 min time window to claim a slot. (from wh


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